Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Hazel: 7 months old

Hazel has been keeping busy and learning new things every day!!

She has been enjoying tastes of food for a while, but this month she started eating full meals of solid food. She has made some funny faces at some tastes, but so far she hasn't turned anything down. I never made much baby food for the other kids, but I decided to give it a go this time, and I guess it must have turned out pretty ok!

She has teeth! It's amazing how quickly teeth erupt once you can see them under the gums. She was a bit extra fussy for a couple days, but was back to her fussy self once it was out. She got two teeth within a week (once right before the 7 month mark and once right after).

This month Hazel started army crawling/squirming to get where she wants to go! She can make it across an entire room if she's motivated.

She loves to stick out her tongue. As you can see.

Hazel remains a great joy in our lives! If anyone thinks four kids is too many, they clearly don't have a Hazel.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Hazel: 6 months old

Look at this happy girl! What a joy. We have so much fun talking and playing with this sweet girl. She likes to roll and scootch her way around the floor and chew on all of the things. 

Her eyes are definitely brown in the middle, but still blue on the outsides for now. Her hair has gotten lighter but is still darker than the other kids'. No teeth yet. 

We went to Whit's Frozen Custard on her half birthday. She loved it, of course. She grabbed the custard when I was taking this picture!

Here are the stats: 
Height: 26" (54%)
Weight: 12 lbs 12 oz (3%)
Head: 17.22" (88%)

So maybe she should eat more ice cream? Haha, par for the course. Hazel has definitely become interested in "big people food" and devours bites of whatever we give her. I made and froze a ton of baby food (butternut squash, sweet potatoes, peas, beans, carrots), but we haven't fed her much of it yet. We need to bring the high chair home. 

Hazel's favorite activities include dumping out the diaper basket all over the floor, chewing on anything she can find, getting stuck under the couch, eating, riding in the car, scratching my face, "talking," watching her siblings run around like crazy people, and sucking her thumb.

She falls asleep on her own for naps and bed time. She generally takes about three naps a day, and it's  a struggle to keep the other kids quiet. Right now she is getting up about three times a night to nurse. Thankfully, she falls right back to sleep when I lay her down, but I think overnight sleep training is in the near future. Remember when she used to sleep through the night when she was two or three months old??

Hazel isn't crawling yet, but gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She's not sitting up on her own yet either. Both are right around the corner!! Wow!

Hazel: 5 months old

Month 5 was a very big one for this very tiny girl! She became a master roller and really started figuring out how to get where she wanted to go. We stopped swaddling her at night because of that, and she did well with the transition.

Hazel had some really rough days where she was fighting sleep HARD and was just generally cranky and tense, so I did some sleep training with her and it made a world of difference. She was physically so much more relaxed after getting good naps for a day (Really. It was striking.). It took about two days of CIO when I laid her down to sleep for naps and bedtime before she really caught on, but it is fabulous to be able to sing her a song (You Are My Sunshine), lay her down, and walk away. It's definitely a great benefit to her as well.

After about a month of using her pacifier, Hazel ditched it in favor of her thumb when we did sleep training! She's our first thumb sucker! It's suuuuper cute, though I know it'll be a challenge later on when she needs to quit! I love it for now :)

Hazel loves her daddy. And everyone. She's a very popular girl.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hazel: 4 months old

Hazel turned four months old yesterday! She is learning a LOT right now! She learned how to grab her feet this week, which is exciting stuff!

I'm not positive, but I think her eyes are starting to change color! They look brown in the middle to me.

Hazel remains the happiest, sweetest baby. Everyone who watches her in church nursery goes on about how easy and good and sweet she is. HALLELUJAH!

The day after she turned three months old Hazel decided she likes her pacifier, which has been really nice. It was right before our trip to Michigan, so having that paci to keep her content in the car was really helpful. It has also been nice for helping her get to sleep.

Hazel isn't on a specific nap schedule, and it really varies from day to day. She tends to take short naps these days, perhaps because we have had family in town all summer and have been on the go most of the time. She's not sure she likes her swing any more, but she doesn't sleep in her bed for naps very long, so I'm going to have to figure out what works. Just when you have a baby figured out they go and change on you!

At night she usually gets up once or twice, occasionally 3 times, occasionally none. We're driving overnight to Gulf Shores soon, and I'm REALLY hoping she sleeps through the majority of the trip.

Because of our upcoming trip, I figured I should see if she'd take a bottle. I tried breast milk first, and she drank it without hesitation. A couple days later I tried formula and she guzzled that too! What a good girl :) I'm excited to be able to leave the house without her sometime!

Hazel started rolling from her belly to her back a couple weeks ago, and then yesterday she figured out how to roll from her back to her belly! Today she's been rolling across the floor like crazy! No leaving this girl unattended on the bed! She even tried to roll off the exam table at her checkup today. 😯 She got two shots today and only cried for a few seconds until I picked her up.

Here are the stats:
Weight: 12 lbs (9%)
Length: 1'11.75" (20%)
Head: 17" (98%) (*edit: I measured her myself at home and her head was only 15.5". That sounds better!*)

So her weight is down on the charts a bit- no surprise there- but she's still half a pound to a pound and a half bigger than her siblings were at her age. Her length is up one percent... and her head is apparently HUGE!! Ha! It reminds me of when Orion was little and he was 2% for weight and 75% for head size. More room for brains??

Look at these sweet legs. She looks like she's a perfect size to me!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

LegoLand Michigan mini vacation

Ever since they saw the ad for LegoLand resorts on the DVD for the Lego Movie, my boys have been begging to go there. They are located in Florida and California, so that's a no. We tried to appease them by going to the Lego store in the Mall of America when we went there three years ago, but it didn't work. Since then, a new LegoLand Discovery Center was built in Michigan! It's not a full resort, but we knew the kids would be thrilled to go, so we took a mini vacation to Michigan a couple week ago!

We got to spend two nights at Nana and Papa's house, which is conveniently on the way! Hazel was happy to be there.

We were there on Desy's birthday, so we got to have a party with cake, ice cream, and presents!

Hazel slept straight through the night in her fancy bed... ha!! I didn't want to bring her co-sleeper because we loaded up the van with a bunch of camping stuff, so we got creative ;)

Saturday morning we left bright and early for LegoLand! We drove through Hazel Park (a Detroit suburb) on the way! I had originally wanted to stop and take pictures of signs with all of our names (Desmond Road, Cecelia Street...), but it was such a quick, full trip that we didn't have time!

We met my roommate, becca at LegoLand! She is one of my very best friends, so it's always so good to see her. She lives so close to where we were going that it would have been a shame to not see her! She was a big help keeping an eye on Cecelia too.

Meeting Hazel for the first time! "A hazelnut she's not allergic to." :P

Of course the kids had a blast. I think we took them at exactly the right age. It was definitely geared toward young kids.

They spent the most time building and racing cars! There was a cool track that started all the cars together at the push of a button.

I've always thought "girl Legos" were dumb, but Cece was enamored with them. This is a girly girl if I've ever met one.

There were some really amazing Lego creations depicting Detroit landmarks in miniature. The buildings at the top of this post are Lego models. There were even some moving parts in some of them.

There were two rides and a 4-D movie (with rain and wind effects) as well as all the building stations and playgrounds. It was a fun morning for sure.

When we left LegoLand, we had lunch at the Detroit Burger Bar down the road. We all ate massive burgers... I don't think any of the adults ate dinner that night.

Just 15 minutes down the road was the lake and little town of Lake Orion!! I was soooo excited when I discovered it on the map. Orion was pretty excited to see his name plastered all over the place!

becca explored the cute little town with us and then we parted ways. I love my roommate!!

We stopped at the local Super K Mart so I could nurse Hazel and so we could look for Lake Orion t-shirts (found them!), then we were on the road again.

So. Part of the goal of this trip was to go camping. We have a big, awesome tent and the kids are always asking to go. I'd been watching the weather forecast like a hawk all week and it just looked worse and worse. The night before we were supposed to camp there was something like a 60% chance of evening thunderstorms. So we had to change our plans (because who wants to camp with four kids in a thunderstorm?!). Nathan booked us a room at Splash Universe in Dundee!

...of course, when the evening rolled around the night was calm and beautiful and perfect for camping. Sigh.

...but the kids had a GREAT time playing at the indoor water park for hours on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Even Hazel seemed to like it. All of the kids even went down the really big slides! So much fun.

From there we were only half an hour away from Nathan's grandparents, so of course we stopped in! Grandma was so excited to meet Hazel and got some nice snuggles.

It was a really quick visit, but it was nice to see them! :)

For our last stop, we headed back north a bit to see some of our closest friends, Geoff and Amy, and their family! They got to meet Hazel too, and we had such a nice visit. Again, way too short, but I love how we always pick up right where we left off. We are so blessed with great lifelong friendships.

It was a super fast but super nice little trip! We wished we would have had another day or two so we wouldn't have had to rush around so much, but we squeezed a lot into one weekend. I'm so glad we have such great little travelers! Even Hazel was perfect in the car. 

Here's to many more adventures!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Desy's 6th Birthday

Happy birthday, Desy Doodle Bug! Six seems like an awfully big number for such a little boy...

Desy was very lucky and got to have two birthday parties this year! On his actual birthday we were at Nana and Papa Jones' house, so we had cake and ice cream and lots of presents! Legos, super heroes, and even the remote controlled R2D2 he asked for.

The day after his birthday we went on a mini vacation to Michigan. Separate post forthcoming... but check out those sweet Batman shades! And those gangly legs. This is one skinny boy. He's finally grown a bit taller this year (it seemed like he hadn't grown at all for so long!), but he's still a little bug.

When we got back from Michigan we had a party with the Lambeses at our house. He wanted a Batman and Superman cake... so we made the outside Batman and the inside had the Superman colors, which was a surprise to Desy! He thought it was pretty amazing.

Desy picked mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Superman table, Batman plates.

We had lots of family there! We had Ra and Papa, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Joran and Aunt Allie, cousins Ellie and Josiah, and our family. Whew! We ate pulled pork for dinner.

Cousins!! :)

What he's up to:

-Desy LOVES his baby sister, Hazel. He's always talking to her, hugging her, or playing with her. If she's cranky and I'm busy cooking or something, I always ask Desy to talk to her because he's so good at making her happy. Nobody can make her laugh like he does!
-Des loves legos and building toys. He can follow picture instructions without help.
-He's very good at coloring and has great fine motor skills. He's creative and likes arts and crafts.
-Desy never stops talking and asks "why?" about everything.
-He likes TV and video games... Minecraft is probably his favorite. Instead of building stuff he gets himself a pack of dogs and sics them on virtual cows. Ha!
-Desy plays pretend a lot... he and Cece will pretend to go to a dancing party, or play house, or play super heroes.
-He likes to touch everybody and makes his siblings mad when he sits or lays on top of them.
-Desy is VERY sensitive and empathetic. He will cry when a favorite character on a TV show leaves or when some injustice is done that he just can't handle. He often cries when he has a disagreement with a sibling or friend or when he gets hurt. He still whines a lot.
-He's starting to read a little bit (just doing some simple phonics). He wasn't interested until this school year, but he's definitely making progress now. He's doing great at math (a year ahead of his level since he does the same curriculum as Orion).
-He likes to help, especially if it's making the little ham sliders pictured above. I have been letting him use a real knife to cut the rolls open and he thinks he's hot stuff.
-Desy is everybody's friend. He just loves to play and talk with people.
-He always says his eyes are green, which we always teased him about since they're obviously blue. Buuuut they're not just blue! They have yellow in the middle around his pupil! Very unique.
-Basically, he's just the cutest.

With his charisma, creativity, and sensitive soul, I think Desy has huge potential to do great things in his life. Use your powers for good, Doodle Bug! Happy birthday, buddy.

What's your name? Desy
What day is your birthday? June 30th
How old are you? 5
What's your favorite color? Blue
Favorite number?100
Favorite letter? D
Favorite shape? Circle
Favorite food? Pizza
Favorite candy? Chocolate bunny
Favorite game? Minecraft
Favorite movie? Larry Boy
Favorite TV show? Larry Boy
Favorite book: The Runaway Beard
What do you want to be when you grow up? Police Officer
What is your Daddy's job? To give people money
What is Mama's job? To take care of us
Favorite place to go? Sam's Club
Favorite restaurant? McDonald's
Favorite animal? A cat
Do have brothers or sisters? I have one brother and two sisters
Any pets? A fish
Favorite song? Twinkle twinkle
Favorite ice cream flavor? Twist
Who is your best friend? Ellie
Favorite cereal? Frosted Flakes
Favorite thing to do outside? Swing on the swings
Favorite drink? Root beer
What toys do you like to take to bed with you? My seahorse and my bear
What's your favorite holiday? Christmas
What are you good at? I'm good at school
Who is the coolest person ever? Joran
Favorite toy? Beary
What makes you happy? People giving me hugs
What makes you sad? People hitting me a lot
What are you scared of? The dark
What's your super power? To help people