Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Church Search

We've started our quest to find a home church and it's already proving to be quite a task!

We have only visited two churches so far: Clifton and Clifton Heights (creative with names around here...)


We both really liked Clifton. The preaching was great. The pastor didn't water it down at all- I felt like my mind was challenged and I learned something new- but he delivered it in such a clear, well-organized way that I think everyone would understand what he was saying. Really a teaching style- loved it.

The music was also wonderful. Beautiful, almost Celtic-style music with an acoustic guitar, violin, flute, piano, and I don't know what else. Really really nice. Most of the songs were old hymns, but a few were new to me.

The congregation was big but not huge. There seemed to be a lot of people/couples our age, which is definitely something we're looking for. However, only a couple people talked to us- there might be too many people to really notice someone new.

Clifton Heights

Clifton Heights is tiny! Maybe 30 people. Unfortunately, not really anyone our age. However, almost everyone said hello to us and a few had real conversations with us!

We weren't overly impressed with the preaching. It was fine... just nothing special. Same with the music. I did enjoy it, but after Clifton it was a bit of a letdown. However, as we know, the point isn't just to sound pretty.

After the service we stood outside and agreed that it was fine, but we liked Clifton better.

And then the pastor and his wife and two little boys took us out to dinner.

It was so nice!! They took us to a Chinese place that has the best prices I've ever seen ($4 for a huge portion- Nate and I both got 2 meals out of them easily) and pretty darn good food, especially for the price. I think we ended up getting home at around 2:00, so we spent almost two hours hanging out with them. It was really fun- super nice people.


If it's already this hard deciding between these two churches, I can only imagine that it will get harder as we visit more! We'll keep you updated. Dr. Patton told us to take three months to choose a church, and since he's the smart man that he is I think that's what we'll do.

In Other News...

Nathan has an interview tomorrow at the mail room/ convenience store. We'd be surprised if he didn't get the job- we think he's already pretty much hired. Yay!

I finally was able to talk to the lady who would be my boss were I hired at the library (she was on vacation for two weeks and only got back yesterday). She described what the job would be (mostly data entry- ordering, paying for, and cataloging books), pay (great), hours (normal work day!! 8-4:30 M-F), vacation days (pretty good! at least one day off for every holiday including my birthday! I just have to make sure it's ok that I take off for the cruise), and such. I feel at least a little encouraged having talked to her. She said she'd run my application by her boss and get back to me (who knows what that means?). Hopefully that means, "yeah, you seem right for the job... let me make sure the head honcho doesn't have any objections to hiring you." ...we'll just assume that's what it means.... for the sake of my poor aching neck where my stress is having a party... :)
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