Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Blog!

Hello! Rachel here. Looks like we've got the webpage all finished and now we even have a blog so our families and friends can keep up with our exciting lives!

Speaking of, we're really just waiting to hear back about job applications right now. I applied for a job as Library Acquisitions Assistant last week and haven't heard back yet. I got worried because the job was no longer listed in the Employment Opportunities Bulletin this week, but I called the library and they said they hadn't hired anyone yet.... whew! At least I'm not out of the running yet. The weird thing is that the lady whose name/number that Human Resources gave me to check in on the job is on vacation! Hopefully when she gets back they'll do interviews. I'm a little nervous because I'm sure I have competition, but I guess that's to be expected. I hope they get back to me soon!!

We tried to go to a mall today because we'd seen a sign for it, but it wasn't there! We think the sign is really old and the mall is long gone. There's another one close that we've already been to (a nice one too!), but we thought we'd check out another. Guess not!

We had dinner with our neighbors, Paul and Megan, last week. I made lasagna and thankfully it turned out really well. We also served bread that Nathan had made and Megan brought a salad, plus we had cookies for desert, so it turned out really well. We have nice neighbors :) They said they'd like to have us over for dinner this week and have a board game night sometime, so that should be fun!

I guess that's all for now. We got a couple new video games, so I think we're going to play one in a little bit. Thanks for reading- come back soon!


Oh, and I'm glad everybody is enjoying the website!! Thanks for all the comments in the guestbook... even though it is SO 1996...

And for everyone who said you should come visit, you're right. You should. Hop to it!
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