Thursday, July 12, 2007

On Classics

Our mall has a bulk candy store! Isn't that wonderful?? They do this color coded mix and match thing, so you can create a mixed bag of similar candies that are all the same price. Last time we went we got an assortment of all kinds of gummies so we could try all the different kinds, just for fun. We also got a few chocolates.

Today we went and got a big bag of all our favorite gummies! It was only like 3 dollars for a huge bag!

I bought a CD today! I haven't done that in a very long time. Chicago's (the band, not the city!) greatest hits (album 9). My dad has the record and I've listened to it a lot. I really like it, so when I saw the CD in the store I just had to buy it! We listened to it today- really fun, good music. A good buy.

Then we got free 2 month subscriptions to Time and Entertainment Weekly magazines just for paying with my MasterCard debit card! Cool! ...Now I just have to remember to cancel the subscriptions before the two months go by so they don't charge me for the rest of the year...
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