Monday, October 29, 2007

Before I try to go to bed again...

I just thought I'd let you lovely people know that I smashed my thumb today at work. It turned a lovely shade of blue and Rachel took a picture of it because it was "beautiful."

I've tried to go to bed twice now, but I can't sleep because of the pain.

After slipping out of bed I consulted to internet about my problem and found these answers.

Not wanting to go to emergency room for want of proper funding (though I am told I get Workman's Comp) and desperately wanting to get to sleep I used the method prescribed in the first link. I turned on our gas stove, heated up a paperclip until it was red, and burned a hole in the back of my thumbnail. I got pretty far until the pain of the red hot metal started hurting worse than the throbbing of my swollen thumb. After that, I opted for something smaller... a red hot needle. After jabbing a few holes in the hole, the blood started to flow freely and the color has left my thumb for the most part. Apparently, the color blue is synonymous with pain, because when the blue left, so did the awful pain... I think. I'm about to go check for certain, but I think I may be home free.

I'll give you a picture in the morning if I've slept... I'll give you a picture earlier if I haven't.
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