Monday, January 14, 2008

FILLING you in...ha.

I got two fillings today and it didn't kill me!! Hurray! I've only had one filling before and it was in a baby tooth, so I was very surprised and disappointed to find out I had two cavities at my last dentist appointment. Thankfully, one of the cavities was tiny so the dentist didn't need to numb the tooth at all. The other one was deeper than the x-ray showed, so he ended up numbing that one. I just had to shut my eyes to try to ignore the HUGE syringe in my mouth and clench my hands for a little while. It really wasn't that bad. My dentist is awesome :)

I everything done for applying to be a substitute teacher at two school systems- I just have to turn some things in tomorrow! Hopefully I can begin working at at least one of them next month. You wouldn't believe how much you have to do to be a sub! Application, sub certificate, TB test, fingerprinting, transcript... Nate is also job hunting and has applied for a couple- hope he finds something good soon.

We beautified the turtle tank today. We got some "decorative river rocks" (small round rocks that are too big for turtles to swallow) to put on the bottom of the tank and replaced the real plant with a fake one. The turtles and guppies were shredding the real one and the leaf bits were clogging the filter! It looks great- we'll post pictures sometime.

Larry, Robin, Nathan, and I are doing a "lose ten pounds in 3 days diet" right now... I'll let you know how that comes out... haha! ;)

I've been asked to take part in a cool little Valentine's Day project on Etsy- I'll post more on that later too!

Ta-Ta for now- gotta play some Harvest Moon!!
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