Monday, March 3, 2008

The Job Hunter

Not to be confused with the Crocodile Hunter.

That's what I've been up to lately, so this is not going to be an exciting post, but I guess that's better than no post at all. Here's what I have applied for so far:
  • Dillard's Sales Person (Had a Pre-Interview thing Friday, but no call since then)
  • Goodwill
  • a Pet Store
  • Kohl's (Got a very nice call today saying they only hire part-time employees)
  • A Nanny Job (Got a very nice message back saying they already found someone)
  • That crazy "Property Management Couple" Job
  • A Receptionist for a Roofing Co. (Just applied for that a few minutes ago and it was just posted 2 hours ago- I'm hopeful about this one)
I might be going to Carlisle schools tomorrow to get them my Substitute Teaching License (got it in the mail a few days ago). I figure that maybe I'll get more calls from there and can sub until I can find a job that I really want (even though I applied at a few retail stores, I really don't think I'd be any good at selling people stuff, let alone enjoy it). I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be contacted like tomorrow about that receptionist job, because I'd rather do that than anything else (and would actually be good at it), and I don't want to do a bunch of paperwork for subbing if there's a chance that I'll get something else right away. I'm thinking about waiting until I find out more about the receptionist job before going any further with the sub application process. Ugh. I hate job hunting.

For any job hunters out there I recommend a site called Indeed. It gathers up all the other job searches into one list so you don't have to scramble all over the internet looking at job sites.

In happier news, Nathan started his job orientation today! It was just a paperwork day, and will have another one tomorrow, but the next day will be job shadowing. Hopefully he'll actually start by next week! After he takes a 3 week class (which he gets paid for) he gets a pay raise and benefits. :)

We're on the hunt for a new (as in used) car too. The one we were looking at turned out to have more problems than we thought, so it's back to the beginning. There's an auction here every Tuesday, so I think that's probably the best place to get one. The thing is that we don't have the money to buy a car, but to get the money we both need to work, but to get to work we both need cars... hmm... Anybody want to loan us a couple thousand dollars? Or I guess if you just want to give us your car that would be fine too ;)

Something pretty crazy happened today! I noticed when I went upstairs around lunchtime that Simon's house was a mess- he'd knocked a bunch of stuff down- but I figured he'd just had an energetic night. When I came back down after lunch I took a closer look... and couldn't find him in his house! Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something white and Simon-like in Francis' house! There he was, sitting right beside Francis like they were pals. He had escaped from his house (our home made door wasn't quite secure enough) and jumped in with Francis. I was surprised Francis hadn't killed/mauled Simon! Simon did seem to have a little bite on his tail, but nothing bad. I guess they're buddies now. Needless to say, Nathan made a more secure latch system when he got home. And thus a rat became the most exciting thing in my life. The end.
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