Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lambes with a B

Look! I finally renamed the blog! Thank you for the brilliant suggestion, Sadie :) I made the banner and then had to redesign the rest of the blog to fit- haha! I'll probably continue tweaking it for the next couple days. I like the fall look anyway!

For those of you who don't know us in "real life," let me tell you what the new name is all about.

The Lion: Most obviously referring to the plushie lion pictured in the banner. That's our first and best selling plushie, and sort of our "mascot." Secondly but even more importantly, the name is referring to The Lion of Judah, our God. The phrase "The Lion and the Lamb" popped up in the last couple days and reminded me of Sadie's suggestion for naming our blog, and how it ties in our desire (however failed) to keep God at the center of our lives together with our name.

The Lambes: Simply our name. OK, now this is going to throw a lot of people off. Almost everyone who reads the name Lambes automatically pronounces it "lambs." Nope, it's pronounced "Lam-Bes" ...with a B. Sooo... anyone who doesn't know us and doesn't read this post but finds this blog will be encouraged by the pairing with "lion" to pronounce it "lambs." Haha, oh well!


On a completely unrelated note, you all know that everybody's freaking out about the proposed "$700B Bailout Plan" that was at least temporarily shut down and the possibility of an economic depression. I've been trying to become a little more aware about what's going on so that I'm not caught unaware if something like that does happen. Our friend Ben records a podcast called Top of Center, and he did a special on the Bailout Plan. I found it very informative and frank, so if you're interested hop on over and give it a listen. You want the 9/29/08 podcast called "Government Acting in Haste..."
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