Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hello friends! I just wanted to pop in and say hello.

We've been having a nice, very relaxing weekend of not going anywhere! Yaaay! I love visiting y'all, but it's really nice to just veg at home for once. And that's what we did pretty much all weekend. We did go to Applebee's for lunch on Saturday because we had a gift card- it was fun and very tasty. We also played with an Erector Set, played video games, ate good ol' frozen pizzas, watched the last season of Futurama, and just did not-a-whole-lot in general. Oh, and today is the four year anniversary of Larry becoming the pastor of Hillcrest so we had a big soup and sandwich potluck for lunch. Yum!

Grace, one of the little girls I take care of, turned seven today. I wasn't sure what to give her for her birthday since she has just about everything already, so I had to get creative. She loves horses, so I decided to attempt to do a painting of one for her. It's no masterpiece (though it came out a lot better than I expected), but I figure it's something she can possibly hang onto for a long time and appreciate more as she grows up.

This week our church is doing a special "winter Bible study," and our family is in charge of the nursery. It's tonight through Wednesday. Tonight was pretty fun- I pretty much played with PEZmama's youngest daughter the whole time. We're best friends. She told me she was getting married, and when I asked to whom she said "I don't know. God." :)

Well, we've got a full week of work ahead of us, plus nursery in the evenings, so we're heading to bed pretty soon. Nathan's 24th birthday is Thursday! Yaaay!
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