Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chubbification please

Orion's doctor's appointment yesterday went OK. His height and head circumference were on track... I think his height was around the 25th percentile which is fine. But he's underweight :( He weighs 11 lbs 1 oz. The doctor recommended giving him three bottles of formula a day in addition to nursing, plus we're giving him cereal once a day. She also told me I can start other solids (like veggies) any time, so we bought an avocado and are going to give that a try once it ripens. I'm sure he'll love it. Anyway, we'll go back in a month to check on weight gain, and I'm just praying he gets back on track. It's not like he's in terrible shape or anything; he's [usually] healthy and happy and is doing great developmentally. He's just not chubby enough.

Unfortunately Orion is sick right now :( I think he finally caught my cold (sniffles). His temperature was 99.5 at the doctor yesterday and today it got up to around 101 and has been going up and down all day. It was 99.3 when I put him to bed... I really hope the fever goes away soon. It makes a mama worry. He's been acting fine, just extra tired. He just feels so hot and is flushed. Get well, baby!
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