Friday, July 6, 2012

Desmond's First Birthday!

Here are the stats:
Length: 28.25" (8th percentile)
Weight: 18 lbs 6 oz (2nd percentile)
Head: 17.72" (13th percentile)

So... he's still a peanut, despite his ravenous eating.  No surprises there!

 Saturday, June 30, was Desmond's first birthday! We had his party that day and his grandparents and aunts were all able to come.  It was really nice to see everyone and celebrate my sweet little guy!

We had a colorful party :)

For a little boy who didn't need anything he sure got a lot of presents!

Singing to the birthday boy.

...he didn't think we sounded very good.

Tie-die cake!  With rainbow chip frosting. Mmmm.

Yum.  He loved his cake.  That's my boy.

Passed out on his Papa.

 Also passed out on Papa (both boys were sick).  It was a good day to be Papa.

What he's up to:

-Cruising, and walking if you hold his hands.  I'm excited for him to start walking- I think he'll start taking steps soon.
-Sleeping through the night but waking up really early.  Lately we've been grabbing him as soon as he wakes up so he doesn't wake Orion and putting him in a pack n play in our room where he goes to sleep for another hour or two.  Weird. I wish he'd just sleep later in the first place!
-Still takes two naps per day.
-Down to nursing once a day, formula once or twice, and juice, milk, or water the rest.
-He loves putting things into other things.  Like putting a toy in a bowl.
-Trying to do whatever Orion is doing.
-He loves drinks.  I can't give Orion a cup without giving Desy one too or he FREAKS. OUT.
-Throwing tantrums sometimes :(  If you do something he doesn't like, like putting him down if he wants to be held, he'll arch his back and kick his feet and cry.  I usually just lay him on the floor to do his thing.  I'm glad he doesn't do it all the time.
-Disobeying!  He does a few things he's not allowed to do even though he knows he's not allowed.  Hello, sin nature.  :P
-Honestly, he's been kind of a grump lately because he's been sick on and off the last couple weeks.  He hasn't been eating much this week either (neither has O).  I hope when the virus he has finally clears up he'll be back to his old happy self!!
-OH! On his birthday he learned to blow kisses!!  It's the cutest thing ever.  I need to take a video.  He can also wave bye-bye and points at everything.
-The one word he says is "this."  He's always pointing at stuff and saying "this?"
-He pushes cars around like his brother.  Very cute.

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