Friday, January 25, 2013

Desmond- 18 months

Desy doodle bug is a year and a half old! He is still such a baby to me, but he's getting big! OK, not really. He only weighs 21 lbs (that's like the 3rd percentile).  The weirdest thing is that he's the age Orion was when Desy was born!  Crazy!

Where's your head?

Des just got all his canine teeth the last couple weeks. I'm hoping he'll get a break from teething for a while!!

He had his first ear infection last week (I had one too!). I think it was a mild one, but he can't tell me if it hurts so it's hard say for sure.  It was a result of a nasty cold we had that would just not go away.  We got it right at the beginning of the month and we still have the sniffles.

Poor kid was super grumpy/touchy/clingy for a long time because of constant teething and being sick on and off, but thankfully he seems a lot better now!! He still had his moments (this child is STUBBORN), but at least he's not mad all the time.

Des loves to run, throw, kick, and tackle. His Papas will have fun watching this boy play football one day, I'm sure.

I remember thinking he was going to have brown hair when he was born, but Desy is VERY blonde now! Sometimes it looks like he has a touch of red in his hair.

Where are your eyes?

 His favorite things:
-Orion (he loves to chase him around, tackle him, take his toys, etc. Orion doesn't always think its' fun.)
-Books (favorites right now are Little Blue Truck and That's Not My Pirate)
-Story Time/Puggles (he loves to dance along to the songs! I took a video with my phone this week, so I need to get it uploaded)
-Bill the Cat (he loves to chase that cat around the house, and he's not too great at being gentle!)
-Food (this child can put it away! His favorite food is probably yogurt, otherwise whatever is on MY plate.)
Where's your mouth?

Desmond doesn't know many words yet, but I can tell this week that he's about to start talking a lot more! He's repeating a lot more.  He even pretends that he knows his letters :P
The words he knows now:
-Book (booo)
-Where are you? (kind of)
-There he is/There you are
-choo choo (what does a train say?)
-Animal Sounds (kitty, dog, cow, horse)

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