Friday, August 30, 2013

Veterans Memorial Park

This morning I decided to get the kids out of the house (i.e. TV) and go to a park. I remembered seeing an unfamiliar one in Germantown on our way through a couple weeks ago, so today we checked out the Veterans Memorial Park. I really liked it! They had a nice playground for the kids including a pretend fire truck. After only about 15 minutes of playing, Orion declared that he wanted to go home (it was really hot), but I didn't want to waste the trip, so I led the boys on a walk around the park instead. I have to say, watching my little ducklings following me was pretty heartwarming :)

"I'm riding it!" I think the park is sponsored by the Lion's club.

There's a cool old train depot in the park with a section of train tracks in front, as well as a caboose! Orion and Desy got pretty excited when they saw that big train car sitting there!

Look, Nathan! Our dream house! ;) If only it were a smidge bigger...
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