Thursday, September 26, 2013

Much Afraid

This is random, but I wanted to remember it and this is as good a place as any to record it!

Orion is afraid of "Turbo" in Wreck It Ralph and the old version of "Mother Gothel" in Tangled. If he knows that part in the movie is coming or sees that character, he leaves the room. We were watching Wreck It Ralph today and I realized he had left the room, and I found him sitting in my bed eating his raisin bread.

He's also scared of the dark (though not severely- he just doesn't like to walk into a dark room) and will also tell you he's afraid of ghosts (? I have no idea how he even knows about ghosts). Orion will also tell you food is scary if he doesn't want to eat it... which is weird.

*Update: he's also afraid of the inflatable Halloween decorations at Wal-Mart. Nathan said Orion hid his face the whole time they were near that section. :/

This concludes today's post. You're welcome.
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