Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pearly whites

Orion and I went to the dentist yesterday to get our teeth cleaned. Our dental hygienist was awesome with Orion and even let him help brush his teeth (after she was done) and help with the suction when she cleaned my teeth. O did GREAT and wasn't scared or wiggly at all. I'm so proud!

I forgot to post that Orion got his first professional haircut a week or two ago. It was already pretty short, but the sides were starting to stick out over his ears. Again, he did great! He followed instructions and wasn't scared. Good job, buddy!!

Finally, a cute story from last night. We watched Peter Pan yesterday, and afterwards the boys went outside to play. They were out there jumping on the trampoline, yelling, "I can fly! I can fly!" It was pretty awesome :)
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