Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oh brother


Today at bedtime we had our nightly battle trying to get Desmond to let us brush his teeth, asking if he wants Mama or Daddy to help him, if he wants a turn first, etc. He kind of laughed and said "Orion." ...yeah, he wanted Orion to help him brush his teeth. He knew it was funny, but he was also totally serious. So we asked Orion to come brush Desy's teeth and he nonchalantly said, "ok," and went at it. It was so funny and cute we just had to take a picture. 

Desy LOVES his brother and asks for him all the time if he's not around for some reason ("I meed my Owion..."). Orion, on the other hand... he certainly loves his brother, but he also can't wait to get rid of him sometimes.

 We let the boys watch movies/videos in their room sometimes when we have friends over to play board games, and the last couple times Nathan has set them up in the top bunk of their bed under the canopy. They looked like they were hanging out in a cool fort.

This pic is from a month or two ago when we got our first snow of the year. The boys were so excited to see the dusting of white.

We totally have a case of "monkey see, monkey do" with Des. He wants to do everything Orion does, and have everything Orion has. It's really pretty funny if they're walking one after another, if Orion touches something as he walks by, Desy will touch it too. Orion had better be a good role-model! 

My boys may fight a lot (as most siblings do), but I am so, SO glad they have each other. They teach each other so much, balance each others' personalities, and are built-in friends to one another. They are so different, but brothers are brothers. I'm curious to see how their relationship evolves as they grow up, and I really hope they become good friends for life.
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