Friday, May 23, 2014

Restoration Projects

We got rid of the high chair both boys used a while back because none of us liked the fact that the back didn't sit up straight so the baby would slide down. I bought this cool old wooden high chair at a yard sale recently for a great price. The finish was pretty much gone, the tray was stained, and one side of the tray was loose.

It was really a simple project. We just did lots of sanding and put on some shellac. Nathan fixed the loose tray. Easy peasy, but it looks so much better!

Today I made a simple pad for the seat. Just some heavy fabric and a few layers of batting with bias tape ties. Nothing fancy, but it should do the trick! We also got some waterproofing spray for the fabric so it will resist spills better.

We just need to find a seat belt to add and it'll be perfect! Yay!

I picked up this shelf at a yard sale last week. We're always on the lookout for nice solid wood bookshelves, and this one was a good price so I snagged it. You can't tell from the picture but it was in pretty rough shape aesthetically.

Some sanding and a few coats of gray paint has this shelf looking clean and fresh! We have it in the kids' room where we'll be moving all their books.

While Nathan and I were out yard saleing last weekend we expressed our love for all things old and wooden to a man whose sale we were shopping and he took us around he back of the house to show us this awesome old chest on wheels. Apparently his dad had built it for use as a traveling toolbox when he worked for Frigidaire, and then was lugged around the country in an RV and collected seashells. We bought it for $2.

Nathan did a LOT of work to stabilize and beautify the chest, and I love how it turned out!! The wheels just make it really special.

We love doing these projects!
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