Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cecelia is one month old!

Can you believe it? Cece is a month old today! It's one of those situations where it simultaneously feels like those weeks flew by and that she's been with us forever. She has already grown and changed so much since she was born! I don't know how much she weighs or anything, but maybe I'll step on the scale with her tomorrow and get a rough number. She's a-growing for sure!

Cecelia is still sleeping a lot (certainly the majority of the day), but she's starting to get angry about being tired instead of just falling asleep which is obviously not ideal! She was such a quiet baby when she was first born, but now she cries a lot more... and loudly! The easiest fix is to give her to her daddy... she falls asleep much more quickly when he holds her. Daddy's girl.

She has always been such a smiley baby! She smiles in her sleep a lot and I think she's about to start smiling more intentionally too!

She has Orion's crazy eyes... haha! Besides that we think she looks a lot like Desy, probably because of their similar face shape. I think this picture shows how her face has filled out! She's not chunky or anything, but I think she's looking nice and healthy. She has been a really good eater, but has spit up more than our other babies... I'm hoping that means that she is getting more to eat? Anyway, she's growing well!

Robin found this beautiful armoire at a yard sale, and with the addition of a tension shower curtain rod we have a place to hang Cecelia's [ridiculous amount of] clothes! I'm really excited! She doesn't have a ton of newborn clothes so we also have 0-3 month outfits in there. There is even plenty of room for receiving blankets, burp cloths, and diapers! Love it!! This means, of course, that her pretty turquoise dresser is no longer holding her clothes, but we have plenty of other things to store in it so it's in the boys' room ready to be filled up.

Cece is getting stronger and acting older! She's been awake more so I think I'm going to start watching her more closely for signs of a schedule and maybe start trying to put her down for naps. Maybe. I've actually been thrilled the past few nights that we've been able to lay her down in her bed awake and she'll go to sleep on her own! Sometimes she needs her paci retrieved a few times, but for a baby to go to sleep on her own with very minimal crying/fussing is a huge win in my book!! During the night she typically wakes up every 2-3 hours to nurse (sometimes she treats me to 4 or 5 hours), and usually goes right back to sleep. If she's having a really hard time and is upset she gets to sleep with me and zonks right out. My mother in law, Robin, has been awesome this past month and has gotten the boys up almost every day so I can catch up on some sleep and sleep in til Cece gets me up. It's amazing and I'm really thankful!!

This is how we roll. I have been using the ring sling my friend Kayla gave me for Christmas a TON. It's great for shopping/story time/eating out because it keeps her content (usually asleep) and allows me the use of my hands. Today I actually wore it at home a couple times because she was so mad/fussy (and Daddy wasn't available to fix her). Worked like a charm! If you have an infant, do yourself a favor and get one.

I've been giving Cecelia her baths in our bathroom sink- it's great! So much more convenient than pulling out the baby tub or using the big tub. It's the perfect size and it saves my back. She actually really likes baths and I make them quick anyway, so it makes a chore I don't usually enjoy a breeze. Gotta get those nasty hand goobers taken care of! Funny note: the last two times I've bathed her, when I let the water out the sink was full of little fine hairs! I don't know if it's head hair or body hair (this girl has some mighty fine upper arm hair), but she's definitely shedding!

Cece has proven to be a great addition to our family (of course!). Obviously life with an infant is always challenging and tiring, but I wouldn't give her up for anything! She's a beautiful girl and I can't wait to watch her personality develop. I just love watching Desy dote on her- I think those two are going to be best buds. Happy one month, Cecelia!

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