Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Whole30: week 2

Lunch prep is getting extreme. The more I cook at once, the less often I have to cook it...

We are about half way through the Whole30! If you missed the week one recap, read it here. Check out the awesome meals we made this week:

Day 8: Nathan made the delicious rosemary chicken and green beans we had last week. We also had Crash Hot Potatoes again.

Day 9: I made this chilli in the crock pot... it has vegetables in place of beans (I don't like beans anyway, so that's a major plus for me!). It was so good... I added it to our normal recipe book.

Day 10: We had super great chicken drumsticks, broccoli, and mashed cauliflower (which was NOT good... maybe I did it wrong... but yuck.).

Day 11: Leftovers!

Day 12: We were at Dorothy Lane Market (fancy pants grocery store / cafe) for our monthly-ish board game party, so we got burgers without buns. They were very tasty, but I was really hoping for a fried egg on mine...

Day 13: My parents took us out to Piada for lunch where we enjoyed some great salads with lots of veggies and meat.

For dinner we made salmon cakes, green beans and broccoli, and crispy oven fries. I ended up turning on the broiler at 500 degrees to brown the fries, and that worked great. I forgot to take a picture :/

Day 14: Chipotle salads for lunch! Lettuce, meat, fajita veggies, salsa (no corn), and guacamole. Mmmmmm.

Dinner was crockpot beef stew. This time I coated the beef with potato starch and used three cans of beef broth (instead of broth, water, gravy combo). I wish it were thicker, but it tasted great!

I make breakfast casserole at the beginning of each week so it's convenient to eat each morning. I'm very excited to say that Aldi brand ground sausage has no added sugar or other forbidden ingredients!! And it's very good. We also found that Aldi carries prosciutto that's just pork and salt, so it makes a nice bacon substitute!

We have discovered that guacamole is of utmost importance! We eat it every day on our lunch, and also on taco salad or Chipotle salad. It provides a lovely creaminess. I stocked up at Aldi.

We've branched out a bit in our snack choices. Some people don't snack at all on Whole30, but my body gets mad if I get too hungry (I think I have a fast metabolism so I get blood sugar drops sometimes), so I'm a-ok with a few snacks. Along with our nut mix, we have dried apricots (I'm an addict), sunflower seeds, raisins, and paleo brownie bites that Nathan made. He used raisins instead of dates because that's what we had on hand. They're good... and very rich, so just one is usually plenty. I got creative one evening when I was super hungry... I microwaved a red potato (it look about five minutes) and ate it topped with a fried egg. Nom nom.

So... it's going well. We're still enjoying good food, and I think getting into the groove of things is making it easier and it seems to be going more quickly. I'm having fun cooking new things too!

We have not cheated at all on our food choices (yay willpower!!), but we have all cheated by stepping on the scale. I didn't feel like I'd lost weight so I was prepared to be disappointed. Amazingly, I was down seven pounds Sunday morning! What?! I don't know how much is water weight and how much is actual weight loss, but I'll take it regardless! I know that Whole30 is not weight loss focused and that's fine with me, but I'm also aware that cutting out sugar is bound to have an effect on my weight... which is also fine with me ;)

Nathan has lost about the same, bringing him to a total of fifty pounds lost in the last year!!! I'm very proud of him :) He's my self control role model when it comes to food.  Tune in next week for our week three recap; same bat time, same bat channel.

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