Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cecelia: 1 year old!

Cecelia is a year old! Well, actually, she's 13 months old... but this last month has been CRAZY so I haven't been able to write about her birthday until now. 

We celebrated Cece's birthday with a ladybug themed party (a theme which Orion helped me pick). I think our decorations looked so cute! 

Our cupcakes. Hobby Lobby made the little bugs, not me ;)

Happy birthday to you!


After she ate all the frosting she stuffed her face. That's my girl.

Cake face!

Present time!

Cece was very excited to get her new Wubinub pacifier!

Here are the stats:
Weight: 17 lbs 3 oz (12th percentile)
Height: 27.75 inches (7th percentile)
Head: 17.32 inches (24th percentile)

This girl LOVES to eat and gets hangry if we wait too long to feed her. She's not very picky and will eat most things. Including Sam's Club hot dogs, of course. Her favorite foods are meat and fruit.

She also loves the water! I mean, she was born in the water, so no surprise there :P Whether it's the tub, a pool, or a lake, she wants in!!

Cece has a lot of fun with her brothers. I can usually leave her in the living room with them while I'm cooking in the kitchen and she'll play alongside them for a long time.

This girl is WILD. She likes to climb everything, screech like a pterodactyl, bang on things, dance, and streak away when getting her diaper changed. Above you see her sitting on a table, covered with dirt and leaves, and with sidewalk chalk all over her face.

What else she's up to:
- Sleeping better at night, but still getting up once or twice. Napping twice a day.
- Working on getting her molars, which is grumpy business.
- Nursing 5ish times a day (including once at night).
- Still using her pacifier to sleep, but never out of bed.
- At 13 months, she has taken about 5 steps at once and is getting bolder about taking steps on her own here and there. She can stand up in the middle of a room on her own. She'll likely be walking "full time" within the next week or two.
- Cece nods or shakes her head for yes and no (which is adorable and helpful).
- She doesn't speak a whole lot yet, but will say: hi/hey, Dada, Mama, iis (this), na-na (night night). She mimics other things sometimes.
- Cece loves music and will dance and "sing" along.
- She still hates going to the nursery at church. Which is not ideal. She's doing better, but still starts crying as soon as we get to the nursery hallway because she knows I'm going to leave her. What a mama's girl.
- Giving snuggles and kisses. She's crazy, but she's also very sweet.

Happy birthday, Cece bird!!
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