Thursday, October 6, 2016

Under Construction

Our accidental skylight... 

Things have been busy at our house! After the fire, we hired a fire restoration company to do all the work to fix the damage.They have ripped out the vast majority of the damaged drywall and thrown away everything that was damaged (cabinets, furniture, etc. from the garage). It looks SO much better just to have the rubble cleaned up and things stripped back to an orderly state.

These nifty machines are supposed to normalize the moisture levels in our wood floors so they can be sanded and finished. They should only have to replace the section by the door where the fire originated.

The hallway torn down to the studs. It looks sooo much better than the blackened blistered paint. You can still see the smoke damage at the top of all the doorways (I think they're cleaning everything after installing new drywall). It still smells like smoke in there, but it's MUCH less oppressive.

The view from the boys' room into the garage. Looks spacious!

Seeing the insulation in the garage walls after they tore out the drywall made us feel really good about the blown-in insulation Nathan did throughout the house! It is packed in there! The spots where it's missing in this picture it had just fallen out when they took down the walls. It has all been removed in the garage at this point and will be replaced later.

There is a MASSIVE dumpster in our driveway just filled with junk. It's amazing how much material they have ripped out of our little house.

Right now there is even more happening that these pictures haven't captured (I took these a week ago). The workers are replacing damaged roof joists, installing a new roof, doing electrical work, framing out a new exterior wall for our garage conversion, framing a pocket door, and more. It has been so fun and satisfying to drop and and see the progress these skilled workers have made in such a short time. After DIY-ing for so many months, we are thrilled and SO thankful to have these professionals working hard on our behalf! I will never stop thanking God for our amazing homeowners' insurance!
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