Saturday, March 11, 2017

Baby #4: 41 weeks

Well this is not a post I expected to be writing! Both boys were born three days after their due dates and Cece was one day before, so this is an unexpected twist...

How far along? 41 weeks?!
Total weight gain/loss: +30
Maternity clothes? Um, yes. Very few options left! I basically wear the same things every day. I tried on one of my favorite maternity shirts earlier this week and it was comically short.
Sleep: OK. I wake up and turn over a lot because my hips hurt. Still napping almost every day.
How I'm feeling: Physically​ good, emotionally done!
Best moment this week: Finding out Thursday that she is head down and "well engaged."
Movement: Still active.
Food cravings: Pop, salty snacks (Crunchy Cheetos?), chocolate, Oreos and milk
Food aversions: None. I've had a lot of nausea this week.
Gender: It's a GIRL!!!
Labor Signs: Inconsistent contractions here and there. I think I lost my mucus plug Monday night.
Belly Button in or out? Flat
What I miss: Easy movement, sleeping comfortably, clothes that fit
What I am looking forward to: Finishing this pregnancy, birth, meeting Hazel, moving.

Milestones: I've never seen 41 weeks before! Life is an adventure.

Monday afternoon when I went to my midwife appointment I found out that Hazel was once again transverse. Head up on my left side, butt down on my right, back down. The doctor scheduled me for an external version that evening, but told me it was only a 50% chance of success, and on top of that she was just in a weird position. I was SO upset... frustrated, scared, angry, worried... you name it.

We went into triage that night and had a non stress test, got an IV put in, and I was prepped for a C Section just in case something went wrong (in rare cases the version can cause placental abruption or rupture the bag of waters). That was scary for me.

When it was finally time for the version itself, it was a piece of cake!! The doctor turned Hazel aaaall the way around in the uterus... picture her head going from 10 o' clock to 6 o' clock. It didn't hurt (it was mildly uncomfortable sometimes) and only took a few minutes. The doctor did a great job and made sure to give Hazel time to relax and settle in before he let her go. His arms were shaking by the end! Once I could tell she was going to rotate it was actually a very cool experience. I know I'm lucky it didn't hurt- he said mine was one of the easiest versions he's done.

Once we were done we had to decide if we wanted to be induced that night or wait to go into natural labor but risk her flipping again. It was a very hard decision. I had him check my cervix before the procedure so I would have all the information possible, and it was only 1cm dilated and thick. I ended up deciding that my body just wasn't ready and that for the healthiest and smoothest delivery I needed to wait.

... and I guess it's a good thing I did, because it clearly wasn't time!! I'm SO happy that she did decide to stay put and engage. It was been a stressful week!!

My original due date was March 10 before they did an early ultrasound and changed it to March 4. So my theory is that she wasn't actually due until yesterday and that we all need to chill out because she's surely coming soon ;) I have my fingers crossed that Hazel will be born this weekend and I'm doing everything I can to encourage that, but it seems that we have another strong willed child on our hands. Sigh.

NSTs galore for the "overdue" mama!

Next post WILL include baby pictures...
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