Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hazel: 4 months old

Hazel turned four months old yesterday! She is learning a LOT right now! She learned how to grab her feet this week, which is exciting stuff!

I'm not positive, but I think her eyes are starting to change color! They look brown in the middle to me.

Hazel remains the happiest, sweetest baby. Everyone who watches her in church nursery goes on about how easy and good and sweet she is. HALLELUJAH!

The day after she turned three months old Hazel decided she likes her pacifier, which has been really nice. It was right before our trip to Michigan, so having that paci to keep her content in the car was really helpful. It has also been nice for helping her get to sleep.

Hazel isn't on a specific nap schedule, and it really varies from day to day. She tends to take short naps these days, perhaps because we have had family in town all summer and have been on the go most of the time. She's not sure she likes her swing any more, but she doesn't sleep in her bed for naps very long, so I'm going to have to figure out what works. Just when you have a baby figured out they go and change on you!

At night she usually gets up once or twice, occasionally 3 times, occasionally none. We're driving overnight to Gulf Shores soon, and I'm REALLY hoping she sleeps through the majority of the trip.

Because of our upcoming trip, I figured I should see if she'd take a bottle. I tried breast milk first, and she drank it without hesitation. A couple days later I tried formula and she guzzled that too! What a good girl :) I'm excited to be able to leave the house without her sometime!

Hazel started rolling from her belly to her back a couple weeks ago, and then yesterday she figured out how to roll from her back to her belly! Today she's been rolling across the floor like crazy! No leaving this girl unattended on the bed! She even tried to roll off the exam table at her checkup today. 😯 She got two shots today and only cried for a few seconds until I picked her up.

Here are the stats:
Weight: 12 lbs (9%)
Length: 1'11.75" (20%)
Head: 17" (98%) (*edit: I measured her myself at home and her head was only 15.5". That sounds better!*)

So her weight is down on the charts a bit- no surprise there- but she's still half a pound to a pound and a half bigger than her siblings were at her age. Her length is up one percent... and her head is apparently HUGE!! Ha! It reminds me of when Orion was little and he was 2% for weight and 75% for head size. More room for brains??

Look at these sweet legs. She looks like she's a perfect size to me!

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