Sunday, July 29, 2007

About a Bunch of Stuff

Well, it looks like I have a job! My interview went really well, and immediately following it I observed someone who does the job I'll be doing (the woman I observed was really friendly, which is great because she's going to be training me!). Miss Powell (the director of cataloging and the person who interviewed me) encouraged me to take a day to talk to Nathan, pray about it, and think it over. I called back the next day and accepted the job, so as soon as the paperwork and background check goes through I should be starting work! ...I just hope I like it ;)

Unfortunately, the job Nathan applied for didn't work out (to our mutual surprise), so he's back to searching. I hope he finds one soon.

We're thinking about buying a new couch since our loveseat seems to be giving us sore necks. Big Lots has one we like, is a good price, and they deliver, so we're thinking that over. Of course we want to shop around some more- we only went to one other place (a wholesaler).

Last night Nate made mini cheeseburgers! I know when anyone mentions mini burgers you immediately think White Castle, but I promise they were really good! He made tiny burger patties and used biscuits for buns! So clever!

We tried a new church today but knew pretty much immediately that it wasn't the place for us. Everyone there was elderly... nobody even close to our age. The pastor was good, but it's not a place we'll be visiting again. We need a church with people our age.

We finally found a calendar for 2007! I somehow forgot my calendars (two of them!) at my parents' house and nobody is selling them anymore. But some companies are putting out "school year" calendars now, so I got one that runs from Aug 2007 - Aug 2008. Hurray!

Another project that I just finished was putting all my recipes in a notebook! I have those "magnetic" sticky photo album pages so any size recipe card fits. I got tab dividers for super cheap at Big Lots and a pretty pretty notebook. I'm happy with it- it's really easy to find recipes now... and it's pretty! :)

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!!!
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