Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A land flowing with sunflower seeds and grains...

I don't think its any secret that Rachel and I own a crafty hamster. Not only has he managed to outlive most of his kin, he's also managed to burrow his way inside a couch, escape his cage, survived a cat attack, and prospered despite the loss of an eye. We're still scratching our heads over how that last one happened, but we did manage to give him a new, supercute nickname... MadEye. Creative, I know, but we've been on a Harry Potter kick since the last book.

Anyway, there's a reason for this exposition, and that is that the other night Rachel and I discovered something extraordinary.

That's right, our little guy was sneaking himself a midnight snack!

It's still a mystery as to how he managed to get out of his tank, let alone found the dexterity in his stubby little fingers to unscrew the lid of his food jar. However, I find that much of my life is happier when I have absolutely no clue how things happen the way they do.


If you want to know the true story, I put him in the food container. Rachel said something about him looking rather skinny, so I thought I'd make his wild little hamster dreams come true and put him in a place where the eats doth flow abundant. Yes, I became his Moses, leading him to a promised land I, myself, could not enter.

When I plopped him into the jar, he didn't move for about a whole minute. I thought he was just stunned until I realized that his chubby little cheeks were ballooning like alka-selzered seagulls. Pardon the simile.

And now you know... the rest... of the story.
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