Tuesday, August 14, 2007

monday afternoon post

I love getting mail, don't you? But what's even better than getting a letter? That's right, getting a package.

We have good friends. They send us packages.

When I came home from work yesterday, I saw an assortment of items--most notably cookies--scattered on the kitchen table. It turned out that Ben and Jennifer had sent us a package!

This made me so happy! They sent us really cool stuff, too:

-Cookies (or possibly Martian eggs of some kind, but they haven't hatched yet, sooo...) made by Ben. I can't figure out what kind! Our best guess is lemon snickerdoodles. Yummy and refreshingly unique regardless.

-A CD of pictures from our wedding which are really great- some wonderful candid pictures and (what I'm especially happy to have) some pictures of our friends (more pictures from anyone are welcome, by the way).

-Two books Jennifer gleaned (I hope I used that correctly because it's a cool word) from work. She- actually both of them- works for a book distributer. An issue of The Paris Review (always fun and unique) and--my personal favorite of the package--an old book of Renoir postcards... I'm thinking about framing some and sending out others... they're so cool!

-Some removable stickers (I don't get it either, but they made me smile).

-A CD of The Arrogant Worms, a very funny Canadian musical comedy group. I've got a song picked out to send to each of my brothers.

-and a lovely note on a pretty card that made me want to buy/make some pretty cards.

Thank you both- you brightened my day!!
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