Friday, August 17, 2007

Break time!

Yep, I'm at work and I'm taking a break. I have to!

This morning was kind of fun because I got to do something different. I worked with a guy named Paul (a Canadian ex-military man who kind of reminds me of Uncle Jim for some reason...?) on boxing up seldom used books to be send off to a giant underground storage facility... under the Louisville Zoo. Apparently it's got some connection to the Cold War, but now it's rented out to people to store their stuff in.

In our case, it's books. Lots of books. So far, over 2,000 boxes (about the size of paper boxes) have been filled. It's baffling to me that thousands of old (some pretty cool!) books are going to be essentially burried and never touched again.

Not that you can't get to them... the boxes are all bar coded and their contents recorded in a database (my job today) so if someone wants a book in the underground lair it can be found... but odds are most of these books will never be seen again. Wow.


Oh, and I got my first paycheck today! Weee! ...but Nathan is currently out spending it on groceries (and another bookcase for all those textbooks)... sigh...
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