Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well, I'm on my afternoon mini break and don't much feel like walking home just to turn around and walk back as soon as I walk through the door, so I'm posting on here instead.

I've gotten to do something different at work yesterday and today, and it's an ongoing project (...will probably go on for years...) so thankfully now I have a stock of work that will always keep me busy. I hate having nothing/not enough to do at work, so I'm glad for this. I've been reclassifying books from the old Dewey Decimal System to the new Library of Congress System. Pretty much I just go into the record and copy and paste some numbers to chance the call number, fix some preexisting mistakes, and save the record. It's not hard, but each book takes a couple minutes to do and there are thousands in this library that need reclassed, so I'm all set for work. Hooray!

Aaaand that's pretty much life right now.

Ok, so I guess we've done more than that since I last posted about life's happenings outside the realm of fried chicken, so maybe I should mention that.

Friday evening the Seminary threw a kickoff party/picnic thing that included free food, so of course we went. Thankfully we ran into our neighbors Chris and Andrea and friend Darrin. It was much better after that, since we all wandered together and the boys even "jousted" on the kiddie blowup game. Darrin was the master warrior.

Sunday we ended up visiting the same church as Chris and Andrea. We liked it pretty well, but it really wasn't my favorite. It had a great vibe and amazing theater seats, but wasn't quite "it." Nathan and I went out for cheap Chinese food after... always welcome.

That night we went over (aka across the hall) to Chris and Andrea's for a wonderful dinner (poppyseed chicken...mmm...) and talking. Very nice evening.

Sooo... pretty much it was Chris and Andrea weekend. Pooooor us...

And my break must be up by now so I should go reclassify something.

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