Thursday, September 6, 2007

So, I just wrote a huge post...

...and lost it to the gaping maw that is the internet through a random keystoke that I seem to be very apt at performing.

Since this is an incredibly frustrating occurrence, I have lost the desire to rehash everything I already spent a half-hour typing. Therefore, I will sum up. In decidedly less entertaining prose.

I have a job watering plants where mosquitoes attack my legs mercilessly in the waking hours of the morning.

I am seeking a better job as an in-home tutor for high school kids having trouble with English. This will obviously put good use to my degree as well as give me some practical experience as an educator, not to mention be a significant increase in pay. From $7.50 to $23 dollars an hour. Very much desirable.

School is going well. I read a lot and write a weekly paper.

And now for a true story which also happens to be a joke:

How do you know when you go to a Christian School?
When you go to the bathroom and see scrawled in the stall wall, "Who did you edify today?"
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