Friday, September 7, 2007

I'll try this again

So I guess Nate and I have already been married too long, because it seems that we're becoming even more alike. That's right, I just somehow wiped out a huge blog entry by hitting some random key. I am frustrated. Hmph.

...but I'm going to write it all again anyway, if not in shorter paragraphs.

I never wrote about last weekend, so here goes. We went to Nathan's parents' house in Carlisle, Ohio on Thursday night because I had a dentist appointment on Friday morning (at the wonderful dentist's office who does their whole family's dental work for free because they're in full-time ministry and is extending that to us because Nathan's in seminary... wow). Plus I found out today that I have enough sick leave already to get paid for most of the day I was gone (including the extra couple hours I worked last week)! Good surprise!

I don't have a cavity! Turns out the pain I had was from a couple teeth bumping together too hard, so I chomped on some carbon paper and he sanded down the trouble spots. I hope that means I'm cured! My teeth were bruised so it could be a while before the pain is all gone.

The rest of the weekend was great. The highlights were the bonfires which Robin (Nate's mom) and I love, the fancy Filet Mignon (a farmer's freezer broke.... what's a guy to do but give all his meat away?), and the relaxing all day. How nice!

Nathan got a new game called Viva Pinata (don't worry, he traded in old games to get it) and I'm officially addicted. You pretty much tend a garden and attract "pinatas," which are colorful little animals. But if you want a fox you'd better be prepared to give up your bunnies... cause a fox had got to eat! It's my kind of game. Go ahead, call me weird... it's not news to me ;)

My roomie becca send us a package today from her and Lizzy! It was a CD of pictures and a really nice professionally printed book of photographs (I know Mac does these) of Nathan and me! It's really cool- I can't wait to show Geoff & Amy and my parents! :) Good roomies...

And now I'm going to continue to wait for Geoff and Amy, who should be here in less than an hour! YAY! I'm so excited to see them!

AND, my parents are coming Sunday afternoon (probably around the time Geoff and Amy are leaving) and staying until Thursday! I wish I didn't have to work next week... oh well, at least I'll get to see them at night!

OK, it's waiting time...
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