Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lambes Weekend Extravaganza!

This weekend Nathan's parents and sister (Allie) came to visit us! They got here Friday promptly at 4:30 bearing gifts of food and goodies (requirements for entrance to our abode- for future reference...). We hung out until Nathan got home from work, then went to Lentini's for dinner. My dinner was surprisingly bad, but Allie and Robin each shared a bit of theirs so I ended up full and happy anyway. After that we ended up at the book and movie exchange for a long while while Allie and Larry contemplated hookah- I guess the place was crowded and dirty so that fell through. ;)

Saturday Larry made us breakfast (always wonderful), then we eventually got out the door and went to Huber's farm in Indiana. On the way we stopped at a church's road-side stand where we bought baked goods and a gorgeous dried "bitter-sweet" arrangement to hang on our door. When we got to Huber's farm, we visited the market, took a tractor ride out to the pumpkin field and picked out a couple pumpkins, ate lunch at the restaurant, and just looked around the place in general. It was fun!! On the way home we stopped at the church stand again to get a huge cheap pretty pumpkin for Nate.

Then we went to down town Louisville to look for a mall, but it turned out that it had closed years ago. Instead, we walked around down by the Ohio river. It was a pretty day and we ended up at this awesome "stepping"/hip hop competition called Unity Fest. It's hard to describe, but it was kind of synchronized stepping+hand-jiving+dancing... awesome in any sense. It was middle school girls (mostly) doing it- wish they would have had that at MY middle school.

We had nachos for dinner and rented Transformers. A good day!

The next morning Larry made me a legendary "egg in a hole" for breakfast, and then another because it was so good. All of us but Nathan went to church (Nate went to work) at Baxter Avenue Baptist, which I think everyone liked. I'd be happy staying there. After church we ordered pizza, visited the nursery where Nate works (my first time there!), picked up the pizza, went home and ate, then our visitors left. It was a great weekend!!

Besides that, I finished a custom order and a set of five Christmas ornaments! Yaaaay! :)

Also, my brother Ben is now buying a house to fix up and live in instead of working on Great Grandma's (that fell through). It's so exciting! He closes on the house on Halloween.

OK, bed time.
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