Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Last Thursday was Valentine's Day, and for the first time ever Nathan and I celebrated it in a somewhat conventional way. Somewhat. Normally we would dress all in black (in honor of Singles' Awareness Day) and go out for ice cream with our friends, but this year we did things a little differently. We dressed all in black (in honor of Singles' Awareness Day) and went out to dinner and a movie. Oh, how times have changed.

We also exchanged gifts this year. Nathan went all out and got us these: Proximity Based Geek Lovin' Shirts. I love my nerd.

And I got him these heart boxers, because I knew he'd always wanted some. Doesn't he look distinguished? This is a man who knows how to dress.

Let us share our wardrobe choices for Ice Cream Day. Here's Nathan, looking a bit melancholy, with his Geek Lovin' shirt (in black), a button-up dress shirt (in black and gray), and a tux jacket (in black). How festive!

And here's me, looking pissed at the world, in (interestingly enough) black and gray. Awwww, we match! P.S. To the curious roomies out there, the red in my outfit was my earrings. ;)

We made reservations (for the first time EVER) at P.F. Chang's "China Bistro," compliments of Nathan's brother Jon (he sent Nate a gift card as payment/thanks for the Valentine's penguin Nathan had made for Jon's girlfriend). It was tasty and fun to just get all dressed up and go out together! After that, we watched The Spiderwick Chronicles at the movie theater, compliments of Nathan's parents (he got a gift card for his birthday). I even bought an Icee at the concession stand since we hadn't spent a penny for the whole evening. What a way to celebrate!

Here's the obligatory Valentine's Day kiss:

And here's us looking all cheesy and cute:

And here's Nathan with his gift to his family. Ever since Nathan requested (and got) a Jello cake for his birthday, everyone in the house has been craving it. So Nate went out and got a heart-shaped cake pan and made two Jello cakes for the family. Yum!

And thus concluded Valentine's/Singles' Awareness/Ice Cream Day. The end!
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