Saturday, April 19, 2008

Speed gardening

April 19:

Um... these weren't here two days ago. At all. Seriously, I swear there was just dirt in there. Apparently onion growing is an Olympic sport, and we seem to be winning. The image below is an overview of our onion cups- this crazy-fast growth is consistent.

Remember our little broccolis from a few days ago? They're having a growth spurt too! They're a couple inches tall now, and lean back and forth towards the sun a couple times a day (I'm cruel and keep turning them around in an effort to get them to stand up straight).

Below is the big surprise of today... these plants weren't there this morning. There may have been one teensy weensy sprout in one cup, but not a big (for a sprout) hardy sprout in almost every cup! These are our tomato plants, and I guess they finally got determined to grow. It really amazes me how quickly these things popped up, and how they all came up at exactly the same time. And all this from a tiny seed. God rocks.

Look below for another post I just wrote... it's about cookies. Don't miss it.
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