Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dirt Farming

Well, it's been a while since I've posted- and for good reason- we've been busy! The image above is from April 24, the day someone from our church came and tilled our garden plot! I got started planting things that night after work, but just finished this afternoon. And here is the result:

It's... dirt! In neat little labeled rows! I know, you're just as excited as I am.

OK, so we didn't get everything planted. Our watermelons just started sprouting a few days ago, and I want to let them get a little more established and wait to see if any more sprout before I transplant them. They're beefy little sprouts, though!

We bought some seedlings (as well as some seed potatoes... YAY!) on Friday, including the banana and bell peppers (above), and the oregano (below).

One corner of our garden is the "herb garden." Right now it has the oregano, a thyme plant I got from work, strawberry plants (not an herb, I know, but they were in my parents' herb garden when I was little so my brain tells me that's where they need to be), and some chive seeds. We have some tiny basil and rosemary sprouts to go in eventually (yet more things that have yet to be planted- oops).

Today I found this itsy bitsy egg in the middle of the garden! It's beautiful, but a little sad when you think about it. I'm holding it (with my dried-out-from-digging-in-the-dirt fingers) so you can see just how tiny it is. Here's another picture so you can see the pretty brown spots better.

And take a look at this pretty thing! Our orange tree (that we bought as we were driving through Florida after the cruise in November), which hadn't been looking so hot lately, suddenly started growing and sprouting a bunch of new leaves (really really fast) and even made this beautiful flower! How cool! It can't make oranges unless it has at least two flowers, but hey- it's still pretty. It at least gives me hope that the plant isn't dying after all!

I'll keep you informed... as soon as something pops up out of the ground I'll let you know!

Here's a list of what we have planted:

mealy-cup sage
mixed wildflowers
nasturtium (edible)

black seeded simpson looseleaf lettuce
mighty red oak looseleaf lettuce
romaine lettuce
summer crisp lettuce
butter head lettuce
small sugar pumpkins (pie pumpkins)
roma tomatoes
red potatoes
dwarf gray sugar peas (edible pods)
banana peppers
bell peppers
green beans
yellow squash
sweet corn

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