Thursday, April 10, 2008


April 9:

I'm irrationally excited about this tiny little plant. This is the first tiny sprout in our garden: a baby broccoli plant. It's still ridiculously small, but it's really encouraging to know that a 10 cent package of seeds really does have a green future.

April 10:

Another baby broccoli popped up in this cup today, plus another in a different cup! It's really cool to see how the first one grew in one day. We also have a couple of wee onion sprouts, but they aren't very photogenic at the moment. We'll wait a few days.

It's supposed to rain this weekend (although they've been forecasting rain for the last couple days and it's stayed dryish), but I'm hoping it'll dry out enough to plow soon... next week or the week after? I'm anxious to get the rest of the plants started, although I'm a little afraid that a frost will come and kill them. It's supposed to get awful cold Sunday and Monday night, so we'll have to cover our sprouts up or something.

No, I probably won't continue taking pictures every day... but I guess I might ;) I can't help it- I'm excited! I hope you're enjoying your virtual garden!

In other news, Hillcrest Church is holding a "Family Driven Faith Conference" this weekend with speaker/evangelist Voddie Baucham. Nathan and I are working (we're in charge of cookies!!) so we won't have to pay to get in. 350 people are registered to attend, so it should be a pretty big deal. I hope it's worth spending the weekend on!
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