Monday, May 5, 2008

From the ground

Nathan took this beautiful artsy picture of today's big happening- we have some things growing from the ground! This is a tiny sweet corn plant, and it popped up sometime between last night and this afternoon. We have four rows of corn (our biggest crop), and are seeing lots of little sprouts in nice rows. I can almost taste the yummy corn already...

This is a little sugar pea plant! Actually, it's pretty big for a sprout. It's a really funny looking plant- so many leaves packed on that little stem! I swear this wasn't here yesterday.

And these are lettuces! I'm going to have a ton of thinning to do when these get a little bigger. We also have a bunch of baby flowers, but they look an awful lot like these lettuces so I didn't bother with a picture. I think they'll be much more photogenic in a few weeks ;)

No, we didn't grow dogs in our garden. And no, we didn't go buy ourselves some, either. We dog and house sat this weekend for a couple in our church. These are their little dachshunds, Annie and Sassy. Annie is chubby and amiable, and Sassy is aptly named. They were fun for a weekend, but I think we'll let their family keep them. We spent most of the weekend watching the Home and Garden Television Network, which made me want to go out and buy a fixer-upper immediately. Anybody have a hundred thousand dollars you've been wanting to get off your hands??

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