Friday, June 20, 2008


If anyone wants some lettuce, please come get some! There's no way we will ever use it all up, so come eat some! As you can see, our lettuce has really taken off and is gargantuan... and really pretty!

Fredo was hanging out in the garden so I put her in some pictures so you can get an idea of how big things are... don't worry, the grass has since been mown ;)

A few of the nasturtiums have bloomed. They range from red to orange. These are the flowers that are supposed to be edible- I haven't tried them, but even if they don't taste good they sure are pretty!

This is a hot pepper plant that Cleo from church gave us. Doesn't this tiny plant look funny with this huge pepper on it?? Wow... I hope the rest of the veggies produce like this.

Fredo by the cosmos (flowers) plants. Some of them should bloom this weekend! I'm excited for there to be big flowers in the garden. These are some of the tallest plants in the garden- some come up to my hip.

We finally gave our poor tomato plants something to lean on. Tomato cages are stinkin' expensive, so we went with the advice of some experienced gardeners from church and just tied them to sticks with fabric scraps. It's even better because it's free! Sorry about the weird lighting in these- I took them at dusk.

Look at our happy herb garden! It's really filling out. Nathan trimmed that rampant oregano (right) today, so it's not so bushy.

Our strawberry plants are looking really great too. One of the plants is even sending out runners.

Isn't this flower pretty? It's on the sweet pea vine. Each of these flowers turns into a pea pod...

Like this one! This pod has since puffed up. I need to look up when to harvest them... So far we only have one pod this big- haha! What a meal!

Some of our corn stalks are overachievers. Knee high by the forth of July just isn't good enough for them- these guys are going for waist high.

Fredo under the corn. See, they're big! OK, so the smallest ones are only up to my ankle, but I'm not about to be picky.

And here's the overview. Yay garden!


I've moved our camping trip pictures from our camera to our computer, but getting them resized, uploaded, arranged, and captioned is a daunting task so you may have to be patient! I'll try to get them up soon... I'll just leave it that vague ;)
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