Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stir Fried

I'm so excited to say that our garden has begun to produce something other than lettuce! Not that the lettuce has slowed down or anything... some of it is actually knee high. Above is a picture of some of the first little tomatoes to appear on our quick-growing plants. It's crazy to think that just a couple months ago these plants were little seeds. Wow!

This is an overview of the whole garden... it's looking pretty bushy! It's pretty happy right now- the weather has been very warm and we've had some rain lately. I'm glad it's finally filled out a bit so it doesn't look like we're primarily growing dirt.

Some of the flowers have started blooming! It's really nice to have some color (aside from green, of course) in the garden. These are zinnias.

We planted some new melon seeds within the last couple weeks since our originals never came up/died. They've popped up and are looking good so far! These are cantaloupe sprouts, and we also planted watermelon.

Our strawberries aren't content with just being big and green any more- now they're trying to multiply! All of those straight yellow lines you see are runners the big plants are sending out. I think the strawberries are trying to assert dominance over the herbs.

This is a ridiculous pepper. The plant is probably only four inches tall, yet it has a three inch pepper on it. It looks so funny! We think this is a hungarian wax pepper... does anyone know?

The camera completely missed the focus on this picture, but you can still see the little bell pepper! It's probably a little over an inch tall.

Our onions seem to be thriving... but if we don't stop accidentally stepping on them that may not always be the case... haha! As you can see, the onions are beginning to get bulbous, which is encouraging! They keep working their way out of the soil, so we need to bury them again.

This tangled mess is some of our pea plants. They made these...

Holy cow, it's food!! Yep, they're actually producing a fair amount of peas already! You're supposed to harvest this variety (dwarf gray sugar peas) when they're still flat and the seeds/peas are still small... which we didn't find out until some of them had already gotten big and puffy... oh well! I made a stir fry with these and some of the broccoli from our garden (along with other ingredients). It turned out really well, and our veggies were tasty (except for the chewiness of our over-mature peas)! It was really exciting to eat our very own produce.

We've finally started harvesting and drying our herbs! They get so big and bushy that they need to be pruned anyway, so we decided to make use of the clippings. Hopefully they dry well and don't just rot ;)

A lady from church gave us a bag of iris bulbs! We're still deciding where to plant them, but it was really nice of her. Larry has used our garden in a few sermons as illustrations, so everybody in church knows about our farmerly ambitions. It's nice because people keep contributing! Now if only somebody would come and take some of our lettuce...
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