Monday, June 2, 2008


Lookie what we got!!! A car! And not just any car-- a Honda! Yaaaaay! I'm so excited to finally be done car hunting- it was getting really stressful (that happens when your calls aren't returned and you get stood up by sellers). I really like this car :)

It's a 1998 Honda Accord 4 cylinder Coupe. I don't remember any other specs right now, sorry!

It definitely has some major cosmetic flaws (which don't show up very well in these pictures... hehe). There are two big dents, the gas door won't stay shut, and it desperately needs a new paint job. But it runs. I drove it to work today and I really like the way it drives. It reminds me of my parents' old Honda Civic in the way it drives, which is a good thing. This one has more pick-me-up though.

Thankfully, we know someone at church who actually teaches car body work classes at a community college, so he's going to have a project to work on ;) I'm sure we're going to have to put some real money into it, but I think we got a good enough deal that we'll still come out on top.

It has leather seats (only a couple tears on the edge of the driver's seat) and a CD player! It also has AC but the belt squeals when you turn it on... we're going to try "belt dressing" or whatever it's called.

I hope you like my pretty pretty car- I do!!
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