Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How does your garden grow?

I hope you can see the rows of lettuce in this picture... it's looking great. I think we have 5 varieties of lettuce and they're all growing really well. They're one of the most successful crops at this point.

This is a closeup of some of the lettuces. I hope they continue looking this good!

Our corn is still looking good too. It has been growing, which is all I can ask for.

Several of our types of plants only managed to sprout one or two plants. This is one of one and a half zucchini plants... there's one and a half because the other one got chewed on by something. I think this is a really weird looking plant because it has a couple round, smooth-edged leaves and one very jagged leaf.

Here's an overview of part of the garden. There are pea plants by Nathan's shadow's head, big broccoli plants above my shadow's head, and the row of big plants you see are red potatoes.

The potatoes are definitely the most impressive and encouraging plants at the moment. They're growing super fast and are big, hardy, and deep green. I'm SO excited that they're doing so well... since potatoes are my favorite food and all ;)

The most recent news is that our carrots are beginning to sprout. Nathan also bought some new herbs yesterday (Italian basil, sweet basil, rosemary, and parsley) and planted them today. They really filled out the herb garden nicely.

Our garden is being weird in that many of the crops are only growing/growing better at one end of the garden. For example, we have a ton of good looking pea plants growing at one end, but at the other we're just growing dirt. It's really strange. A few crops haven't sprouted anything at all, so we'll see.

Nathan's parents are leaving very very early tomorrow morning to drive out to California to see Nate's brother Jonathan. His Navy ship is coming into Hawaii in a few days and they're going to get on there and take a "cruise" back to California. They should have a good time :)

We've gone to a couple great movies (Iron Man and Prince Caspian) recently and are planning on seeing the new Indiana Jones movie tomorrow with Andrew. Thank goodness we go to a theater where tickets are $4.00! Then it's off to my parents' house for the long weekend for some more grand adventuring. We're hoping to look at a car tomorrow too (we're still in the market). I'll fill you in on all of this soon!

Have a great weekend!
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