Monday, July 14, 2008


Robin, Nathan and I took a walk this evening in the neighborhood across the street. This little puppy, which we saw sitting in someone's yard, started following us. We asked around and nobody knew where it belonged- it'd been wandering around the neighborhood.

To make a long story short, she followed us home. She got anything but a warm welcome from the cats- Buddy actually boxed her head... several times. We rigged up a leash and took her to visit Allie at work where the puppy visited several of the residents at the home for the mentally handicapped where Allie works. We got home and hung out, and when Allie got home she and Robin gave the puppy a bath. Allie's sharing her bed for the night.

We put a "found" ad on Craigslist (and will soon put up a few posters around here), so if she has an owner I hope they find her! In the mean time, she's a very sweet guest!
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