Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wonderous Weekend

We had a very eventful weekend! Most of you already know that I've been very under the weather for the past week. I had pink eye and a nasty respiratory bug, then got hives from one of the medications, had to get new pink eye drops (for $50 as opposed the the $4 the originals cost) and stop taking the cough medicine... the pink eye is gone but I'm still hacking my lungs up and have intermittent hives (although not nearly as bad).

Saturday Nathan took me on a "secret date" to the Cincinnati museum of natural history to see the Bodies exhibit. This is an exhibit of real human bodies preserved and dissected in different ways to show how our bodies are designed. We got to see everything from bones to muscles to organs and everything in between. My favorite part was the room devoted to fetal development where we saw fetuses in all stages of development... that was amazing. It was a really interesting experience, but of course it was a bit disturbing if you thought about it too hard. What really got me was the fact that someone had to dissect the bodies... I don't think I could do that. We also saw a film tied into the exhibit that was shown in an "Omnimax" theater, where the screen was a dome. That was really cool. We also stopped at Ikea on the way home, which is always fun :)

Sunday we went with Nathan's sisters to see Beauty and the Beast at a local dinner theater called La Comedia. It was Allie's present to Rachel for her 18th birthday (which is tomorrow). It was really fun!

Most importantly, I got baptised on Sunday night!! We went down to the creek to watch the baptisms and eat watermelon, and although I wasn't actually planning on being baptised I felt led to do so... I'll do another post soon about that experience, because it's worth telling :) Right now I have to go play with Polly Pockets ;)
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