Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bountious Bounty

Check out some of the great produce we've gotten from our garden! I realized we hadn't posted garden pictures in a really long time, so you need a major update! We got a couple dozen ears of corn (what the squirrels left us after they had their dinner... grrr...), a ton of potatoes (YAY!), a big bag of carrots, a couple grocery bags of green beans, a lot of snap peas, a bunch of peppers we're not sure what to do with, we're starting to get cucumbers, and we're accumulating a whole lot of tomatoes. We're thinking of trying to make some kind of tomato sauce this weekend- I hope we don't screw it up and waste all those tomatoes ;)

We ended up giving our garden a major "haircut" this weekend (and before), pulling out the severely overgrown nastertums and weed-whacking the 5 foot tall lettuce, harvesting the potatoes, chopping down the spent corn stalks, and pulling out the yellowing snap pea plants. Our garden is looking a bit bare (below), but still producing. Still left are more tomatoes, herbs, flowers, peppers, and melons!

Here's one of our canteloupes. We have 4 plants and at least a dozen melons, and the biggest ones are softball sized and still growing. I hope they're actually good!!

And a tiny watermelon! This has doubled in size since I took the picture a couple days ago. I've never seen a home grown watermelon that's actually oblong like the ones at the grocery store, so I take that an an encouragement :)

Well, I hope you're having a great week! Don't forget to help name our blog!

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