Sunday, August 24, 2008

Turtle Paradise

Ta-daaa! We found this humongo aquarium on Craigslist this weekend, and went to Farmersville (a little town very close to here) to check it out. We knew we'd have to buy a great big one for the turtles eventually, and instead of buying several progressively larger tanks we thought it would make more sense to just go straight for the biggest one we'd need. We weren't really planning on buying one this soon, but this aquarium (with stand!) was such a great deal that it would have been silly to pass it up! It's a 75 gallon tank that's probably around 1 1/2 feet wide and 4 feet long...ish. It came with the wooden stand which I was extra happy about (so many stands these tanks come with don't look sturdy- this one is).

Of course we had to buy a bunch of equiptment (and decor... wouldn't want the turtles to get depressed due to lack of scenery) for the monstrosity. Even with all the stuff we ended up buying, the total money we spent was still less than just the aquarium and stand would have been new... which was comforting when handing over our debit card at the pet store ;)

We ended up buying a huge filter, another heat lamp, a floating "dock" for the turtles to bask on, a big (and very pretty) fake log/root thing, a big ol fake plant/vine, 3 bags of polished stones (Dollar Tree!), and, my favorite, the little "shrine" pictured below. I just had to have it. Oh, and 5 more 12-cent goldfish, bringing our total to 8.

There just happened to be a world map hanging behind the aquarium, so we moved it down to make an awesome background! Look, Persimmon is going to eat Ho Chi Minn City!

We're really pleased with our turtles' new home, and I really think they're enjoying it too. I was worried they'd hide in a corner for a week, but they're already swimming all over. And it's really pretty- I've enjoyed just sitting and watching our little underwater world these last couple days. Below is a picture of the aquarium at night with the room lights off (only heat lamps on)- I like the glow it has :) You should come see our turtles (...and us) soon!

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