Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well, I'm home sick today. I have a really bad cold and feel like a zombie, so I though it'd be a kindness to the kids I care for and the other people on the road to stay home.

I was playing Nathan's new game, Patapon (I think that's what it's called) a minute ago (until the battery died... grr), which is fun and cute :) It's a rhythm/music game and I've got the little song stuck in my head...

Our loan meeting went well, as we're getting approved for a loan right in the price range we're looking at. Hurray! Even though the aproval hasn't gone through yet, the loan guy told us we could buy a house this week and it'd be fine. Wow! That's crazy.

We're going to go look at this house Saturday. It obviously needs a lot of work, but it's got to be worth way more than they're asking (even just for the land- it's on 1.6 acres), it's in a good location, and it's totally our style, don't you think??

I'm pretty excited to go see it :) We might come knocking at your door next week to see if we can mooch a couple hundred dollars for a downpayment... haha! Nah, it'll probably turn out to be a hunk-a-junk, but I'm excited to see it anyway.

Have a great day! Stay healthy!!
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