Saturday, February 7, 2009

What a crazy random happenstance!

Yeah, that house was a dump. Haha! It was a really cool old place with a ton of character and a ton of problems. There were some things we really liked about it (the yard and outbuildings, stone foundation, finished attic (I LOVED that), etc. But there was just way too much wrong with it.

As we were driving there we noticed a house just down the road that we'd looked at online and were vaguely interested in. We asked the real estate agent if we could stop by, so he called and got us in.

I am so glad we stopped. What a great place!! It's listed as a 2 bedroom but really has 3. It's a 1 story with a walkout basement (the picture below is what you see as you walk in the front door). The lower level consists of the entrance/stairs, a bedroom to the right, 3 unfinished basement rooms (one's a storage room, 2 are for the furnace, water heater, etc.), and a small one car garage.

Upstairs there are two bedrooms (the master has a huge walk-in closet and attic access. The attic has stairs so it's really easy to get into and looks well insulated and feels sturdy and dry), a full bathroom, an eat-in kitchen with attached pantry/utility room, a hall closet, and a living room with a fireplace. The living room, hall, closet, and second bedroom have some pretty nice hardwood floors, so I'd guess/hope the same stuff is under the master bedroom carpet.

Look at this kitchen!! Looks new!

It sits on 1.2 acres, but we're unsure what belongs with this house and what belongs to the neighbor. It's got a small creek running through it though!

Here is a REALLY rough layout of the house, just from memory. Really rough. I just wanted to give you an idea of how it's laid out. First floor/basement is on the left, upstairs is on the right.

This house, which just went down in price yesterday, is listed at $54,900.... which is an awesome price, especially for as little work as it needs. We know for sure that it needs gutters (no gutters...?!), some new windows (one or two panes of glass are broken, and others could just use updating), possibly new carpeting in 2 bedrooms depending on what's under the existing carpeting, a new doorframe, a new/fixed interior door, kitchen appliances... and some paint.

We're going to see if we can get someone who knows more about houses to go with us and check it out again, and then we'll see...
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