Thursday, March 26, 2009


This evening we went to watch Grace, the seven year old I take care of, dance in the chorus in The Sound of Music. It was a fun and pretty well done production- they had some very good singers, which is always a huge plus for a musical ;)

When we went to leave, my car wouldn't start. I turned the key and nothing happened. Maybe a tiny click, but it didn't even try to start. All the lights and the CD player came on though, and I hadn't left the lights on or anything, so there's no reason for the battery to be dead. The really weird thing was that when I turned the headlights on, they paused, then turned on, the CD player turned off, all the dash lights took turns flickering, and then the CD player turned back on. Uhh... do we have some freaky electrical issue or what?? I have never had even a hint of a problem starting it before! Larry came and picked us up and I have to call the car guy from church in the morning (boo hoo) to see if he can fix it. Right now my poor Honda is sitting cold and alone at some church in the next town over, and I am frustrated.

The GOOD NEWS is that my parents are coming to visit this weekend! Yaaaay!
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