Monday, March 16, 2009

A Plethora of Post-Worthy News

Well... It has been a rather interesting week, one in which many things happened that should probably have been reported upon with greater diligence. However, I am rather lazy and Rachel tends to procrastinate (Rachel's note: and we were really busy and wanted to tell a bunch of people individually before posting on here), so the blog which you are about to experience will probably be an epic undertaking in four fruity flavors.

Also, chronological order will probably be thrown to the wind, since the most important event occurred closer to the middle of the week. So, without further ado -


Yes, there is a little Lambes on the way.

We have been fruitful and are multiplying (or, rather adding since four are not on the way (as far as we know)).

We found out on Tuesday night and proceeded to let the cat out of the bag rather quickly. By Wednesday most of our immediate family was informed, which took quite a few phone calls and one trip to Napoleon, OH.

Rachel's probably about six weeks along and the due date is tentatively early November.

Also, all charitable donations will be accepted.

End Nathan's contribution.


Begin Rachel's.

House hunting news: Still no luck looking at houses with the realtor. We're really good at picking out crappy houses to look at. However, some friends from church are selling a house right in our price range that's really nice. It's not everything we're looking for (it only has two bedrooms, has a teeny tiny yard, and has super close neighbors), but we're considering it... seems like an awfully good deal for a sweet little house.


Garden news: Almost all of the seeds have sprouted and are doing well! The watermelon sprouts are ridiculously tall, and the Roma tomatoes have grown their second leaves. The other sprouts are doing fine too :)


Other news: Dust weekend was a success. Nathan played bass in the band and I ran Pro Presenter, manned a ministry booth for Blood:Water Mission, and was an assistant small group leader. The weekend was exhausting and so busy, but fun. The theme was missions and the fact that "missions exists because worship does not," and that the point of missions is to bring more worship to God.
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