Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scurvy Charlie - the pirate kitten

Meet Charlie, the newest member of our menagerie, and our first ever feline addition to our expanding family. He's still recovering from a nasty scratch one of his foster siblings gave him, so he's looking a bit like a pirate right now - thus, Scurvy Charlie. Scurvy because he's a very light orange. He doesn't have enough orange... like sailors who don't eat enough oranges...

... I thought it was clever anyway.

Anyhow, we got him last night from a town called Trenton about a half hour from here after reading a post on craigslist about him. I wasn't feeling very well and Rachel suggested that a kitten was the right medicine for me. So we took the journey, found our little pal and promptly whisked him off to Carlisle, shortly after naming him Sir Charles - Charlie.

He was apparently rejected by his real mother who refused to nurse him shortly after he was born. Luckily for us, another cat in same household had kittens the next week and gladly took him in. He's adjusting well to basement life, and actually hates the outdoors which is kind of odd, but good since Rachel and I aren't planning to let him in and out like my parents cats.

-Nathan Out
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