Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HBC Kentucky Adventures

Before I get into the title subject, I wanted to fill you in on a couple other things! Baby is kicking/moving more and more, and last night Nathan got to feel him kick for sure!! I was super excited. I also got to see Baby kick! I think Baby was hyped up on sugar... I feel so lucky that I got to feel him move so early and that other people have already been able to feel him. Both girls I take care of have felt him kick, and Nathan's sister Rachel felt him move today. I like being able to share :) My next doctor's appointment is on July 9, so hopefully the next ultrasound will be scheduled at that time and we'll get that done soonish. We're also closing in on a name, so we'll be able to stop calling him "Baby" sometime in the near future.

Now, on to the main subject! Last weekend our Sunday School class took a trip down to Berea, Kentucky. We called it a camping trip, but we all slept inside on mattresses on the floor... not exactly roughing it. We had a lot of fun. I actually didn't take any pictures (gasp!!), but thanfully Becky did. Click to make them bigger.

Here's a picture of the whole group outside the church (which was next door to the house we stayed in) with the beautiful lake and mountains in the background.

We were in Kentucky, so of course there had to be guns. Lots of guns. I didn't shoot any because I didn't want to hurt Baby's ears. Here's Allie looking... a little scary.

Nathan looking very focused (and blinded by the sun?), shooting Bo's cool revolver.

One member of our group got kicked in the face... with a sawed-off shotgun... so that was bad. There was a lot of blood but no stitches. It was pretty scary for a few minutes, but he's ok!

We tried to take Bo's pickup truck out into the woods so some people could take turns 4-wheeling, but the trail was SO bad it had some of us fearing for our lives, and more realistically the life of the truck! There were HUGE holes in the mud and we kept bottoming out on boulders. Thanfully we made it out alive (most of us chose to walk back ;). And Nathan even picked me flowers! Aww...

We went to a place called Tater Knob Pottery (which was totally hidden on a back road in the middle of nowhere, but somehow these people make their living making pottery. Wow.) and got to watch a lady throw a vase (which is always SO cool to watch), and we bought a mug and a drinking glass. They're really pretty! I should take a picture.

My favorite part of the trip was hiking up to the BEAUTIFUL Ainsley Falls (I had to totally guess on the spelling). It was SO hot and humid and I took frequent breaks to attempt to cool off, but I am proud to say that I successfully hiked up a mountain at 20 weeks pregnant! These pictures can't do it justice.

Once we made it up there most of us cooled off in the falls. Being wet made the hike back down much more pleasant.

Here are the members of our group who made it to the top! Notice Allie's bulging muscles.

It was a really fun trip :) I am SO thankful for our church family!
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